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Okay, so my last journal is outdated as fuck and now everyone else is doing Christmas themed journal updates, and since I need to be validated by my internet peers LET'S DO THE SAME THING.

Firstly, I just wanted to thank you all for sticking with me for so long. It really does mean a lot, and whether you get my news through dA, tumblr, youtube, or (god forbid) twitter, I want you all to have a very merry Christmas. Or, if you celebrated Hanukkah this year, happy Hanukkah! Or if you celebrate some other obscure holiday, happy obscure holiday! And if you don't celebrate anything, then you deserve to have a good day, too.

That having been said, since this IS dA, I want to list a few amazing artists that have sent me stuff recently that I want to publicly acknowledge and thank. Seeing as how I have no talent, it's really the least I can do. ~ ToxicDog is a PHENOOOOOOMENAL artist. They draw kitty cats and ponies and shit, and they all look really good. They can bring tears to the eyes of a jaded war veteran who doesn't even have eyes. Go check 'em.… ~ Slackerthehacker is too good to be on the internet, let alone making things for me. Their ponies are so good, Mike Tyson spit out many ears just at the sight of a single pixel of their drawings. Give 'em a look see. ~ This is Seto. Words do not encapsulate help I can't my brain is being melted by the amazing picturesssssssssssssssss ~ Word on the street is that kassyk once drew a picture of a baby. That baby grew up to be Jesus Christ himself. Holy Santa Claus shit. ~ midnut. Just midnut.

flower-power-love.deviantart.c… ~ PONIES AND POKEMON AND PEOPLE AND OTHER THINGS THAT START WITH P. LIKE WOOOOOAAAAAHHHH ART. LIKE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! ~ Boomy the motherfucking MC. This guy wakes up to a hot mess of 360 no scopes every morning. Boomy gets his cock sucked 3 times an hour. That's one for every Dragonite. So. Fucking. Metal.

ANYWAYS, YEAH. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Unless you have finals in which case you should probably stay up and study for those. They're important, y'know?


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United States
What is up, everybody? I'm Soundspeed! I do variety commentary on everything from games to TV Shows, and you can find my channel below. I've created this DeviantArt profile in order to have a better way to browse and favorite fanart that people send in. If you'd like to know more, head on over to my YouTube page! Otherwise, I'm a guy from Texas. Just a guy from Texas. Yep.

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